Multi-Variable Predictive Control

ACSC MPC provides many additional benefits over ACSC TIAC.  These benefits are due to:

- The constraint handling capability of the MPC Controller, which results in the ability to run the operating units at true constraint
- The ability of the controller to decouple all interactions simultaneously, which translates into improved unit stability and reduced variability in product qualities
- Linear programming embedded in the controller that can provide limited optimization functions.

The ACSC MPC controller includes a Prediction Section, a Linear Programming section, and a Control Move Calculation section.  The ACSC proprietary MPC package includes:

- dynamic simulation facility that provides the user with a convenient environment for developing and testing the controller performance, as well as, convenient tool for traning the refinery's control engineers and operators
- robust and user-friendly utility fr collecting process data during dynamic testing and storing the collected data into vector files
- parametric and non-parametric dynamic model identification facility that allows the user to generate dynamic models required for building the controller.

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