Real Time Environment

The ACSC Real Time Environment Package provides a platform where advance control applications run.  The ACSC RTE assists development and execution of real-time application programs in PC-DCS platform.

With the ACSC RTE, one can perform the following functions:

- create, initialize and update Real Time Tables (RTTs)
- provide a convenient means for the user to interface with real-time programs by monitoring and updating values stored in the RTTs
- provide data exchange between application programs and a centralized RTT (CRTT)
- schedule program executions
- retrieve and store field data from DSC in a CRTT
- send application data from a CRTT to DCS
- manage storage and retrieval of historical data
- provide data acquisition, storage during dynamic testing

The ACSC RTE mostly used in:

- Distillation Tower Operation
- Real Time Optimization
- Diesel Blending Operation

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